Bodhi Fail

From: Nick Smith 
I was going to give Bodhi a shot because i really love enlightenment but
could never get it installed.

Ive tried every combination i could think of on the install boot menu,
disabled all i could in the bios, turned boot mode to legacy, etc.

Kept hanging at "Preparing to install Bodhi...." would just get an hour
glass and no disk activity.
Also tried installing from bootable usb stick instead of cd, same result.

I popped in a 12.10 ubuntu cd and installed flawlessly.
Seems odd that Bodhi being based on ubuntu doesnt work for me.

Too bad there is no text based installer. I would really like to use Bodhi.

Im using an IBM ThinkCentre PC (4480-B1U)

Couldnt really find anything on google with my exact problem with any kind
of decent fix.
From what i saw the people having this problem were using a usb cdrom,
which is not the case for me.

Anyone run into anything like this before?

Nick Smith
nick at nicksmith dot us

=============================================================== From: William Wade ------------------------------------------------------ First guess after what you have already tried would be a bad image file. Can you run an md5 on the file and compare with the one from the download site? On Apr 11, 2013 10:48 AM, "Nick Smith" wrote:

=============================================================== From: Nick Smith ------------------------------------------------------ md5's match each other. should be a good image, thanks for the suggestion.

=============================================================== From: Mike Harrison ------------------------------------------------------ I've installed Bodhi on 2 notebooks, a netbook, 3 desktops.. No similar issues, always "just works". It's my favorite distro for just getting to productive mode quickly. When it sticks, can you swap to the text mode (ctrl-alt-F8) and see what the error is? I just installed Fedora 18 on a junk laptop as well. In the one or two hours of playing around, I was impressed. ============================================================ Mike Harrison cell: 423.605.6943