4th Floor

From: Darren Breidigan 
I suggest at the next Chugalug meeting that several items be brought up 
for discussion;

1. The 4th floor seems to be in need of funding.

2. Perhaps a 501c3 or kickstarter should be considered for a linux 
advocacy group
     and meetings/headquarters at the 4th floor.

3. Should it be separate from Chugalug?

4. Get more people(kids,teens) interested in programming.

=============================================================== From: Nate Hill ------------------------------------------------------ I'm on the road so can't give a longer response now, but I just want to say that we aren't desperate for $ on 4, but naturally it'd be great to have more. It's always good to have more money :) This thread has come up because I have racks of computers that were marked to be thrown away (many date back to the 90s) and it seemed fun for folks to hack at them, not because we need new computers and we can't afford them. -- Nate Hill nathanielhill@gmail.com http://4thfloor.chattlibrary.org/ http://www.natehill.net

=============================================================== From: Darren Breidigan ------------------------------------------------------ Maybe it should have said funding for hands on/outside projects in addition to regular funds. There are some schools that have millions of $'s in new computers but, none are for "hands on" learning. (They look good sitting there though!)