Using linux & Opera for Kiosk

From: Rod-Lists 
A couple of days ago I posted a URL with Kiosk mode info for Opera.
Well they decided to redo their entire help section and that URL no longer works.
Here is an archive link that still does.
Besides I might need this at the library tomorrow.

=============================================================== From: Darren Breidigan ------------------------------------------------------ I'm working on a Tiny Core/Matchbox/Google Chrome usb setup.

=============================================================== From: Rod-Lists ------------------------------------------------------ I'd be interested in looking at that. I just at moment don't find any good documentation on chromes kiosk mode. It is much less refined at the moment. ----- Darren Breidigan wrote:

=============================================================== From: Darren Breidigan ------------------------------------------------------ I think the browser is a matter of choice. Maybe there should be three of four development models with different distros/browsers. Or hard drive install versus USB boot. If I can stop running to Hell Mart for the wife I might even get to finish it.