remote work opportunity

From: Nate Hill 
A friend in California asked if I knew anyone for this job.
Maybe someone on the list wants to apply.

The enkiLibrary is a shared open source eBook Network that allows
California libraries to own and store purchased and free digital content,
to share access to more content than any individual library can purchase on
its own, to add features and functionality lacking in current third-party
vendor models (e.g., renewing, suspending holds, donating, circulation data
transferred to ILS, etc.), and to share access to unique local digitized
content with other libraries within the Network. Califa and Contra Costa
County Library partnered to co-develop an open source eBook Network, shared
by, and accessible to multiple library systems in California. The platform
is based on the Douglas County (CO) Libraries model, which utilizes the
Adobe Content Server and the open source VuFindPlus, developed at Villanova
University. The Quipu Group, a software development company, is developing
the initial VuFindPlus interface.

Funding for this project is available through a Bay Area Library
Information Systems (BALIS) Innovation Grant, LSTA monies, and Califa. This
position will be part of the team making enkiLibrary happen through system
administration and support of the Adobe Content Server (ACS) and the
VuFindPlus open source software, including configuration, maintenance and
customization of these two servers.

Working Knowledge and Experience with:
Open source software for next generation library catalogs and discovery
Database administration (MySQL, Oracle, Solr)
User-facing web standards/platforms (HTML/XHTML, cross-browser CSS,
Javascript, jQuery/AJAX, PHP, mobile web)
Search platforms (Apache Solr)
Library software applications and protocols (NCIP, SIP, APIs, user
authentication, integrated library systems)
Web server software

Nate Hill