Anyone want to contribute to an open source project?

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The Drupal Blog API module has been removed from Drupal 7 as it is being re-written.
Blog API was a module well used in version 6 that let your users post via blogging clients.
I've been e-mail the main project lead, Camaron Eagans, over this and he says they could use more contributors.
Unfortunately I haven't coded in decades. 
So anyone out there want show off their chops on this project?

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Actually, that would help immensely. If you have anybody that's interested in contributing, send 'em my way. I'd be glad to point them in the right direction, review code, etc. I've just been crazy busy lately and haven't had time to finish the port to Drupal 7. 

Cameron Eagans

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> Y'all need more code contributors?

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