The uncola of cell phones?

From: Rod-Lists 

=============================================================== From: Aaron welch ------------------------------------------------------ Kinda cool. I wonder how hard it would be to make a $30-50 cell phone that can also have some really simple apps with it. -AW

=============================================================== From: Chad Smith ------------------------------------------------------ It's not a touchscreen - it's a screen over buttons. I don't really see the advantage of this over say a jitterbug. This is /not/ a "smartphone". This is a dumb phone that is trying to look like a smart phone. *- Chad W. Smith*

=============================================================== From: Michael Scholten ------------------------------------------------------ I imagine this is the result of leaving you smart phone and ereader in the same room alone... The battery life would be great with a phone like this. In a third world setting or similar where a place to charge could be rare, this could be very helpful. Add in a backlight similar to the nook glow for night use... -Michael