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From: "Dr.D " 
That is what I am say...  If it is a database you got to talk to it.. 
I don't care what the syntax.. It has to have a language

So if you don't talk to it, Why bother with data.. 

Got it !.. Big Flat Table, Row 1 for Name, Row 2 for data, Row 3 to tell you
what row 2 is.. 

Now I can put Everything in it..  Look out Google...




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On Mon, Feb 4, 2013 at 9:05 AM, Dr.D  wrote:
> That is something I have yet to try to understand.  a "No" Server 
> Query Language Database..
> If you don't have a Server Query Language to talk to it; then do you 
> just Think the data into place..  ?

Well for a while MongoDB's big selling point was its write speed, which
basically came from the fact that it didn't guarantee writes, it just queued
stuff up in memory and hopefully got around to writing it at some point.

You can see where I'm going here: Why bother with data in the first place?
Managing it just slows things down...

(IMHO: "NoSQL" databases are like the people who tell you about their novel
new database structure in which everything fits in to a single table that
has three columns... And it's so flexible, because you can add fields
easily, and everything's a string, and...)


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