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From: Chad Smith 
It's a Chromebook.


Of course, ChromeOS is built on top of Linux.  And "best selling laptop"
only refers to a given specific model - not overall Windows computers or
Macs...  And there are very few Chromebooks to choose from...  Also Amazon
is one of the few places online actually selling Chromebooks, as opposed to
the number of places to get a Windows machine or a Mac.

But still.  Can be used as some sort of "victory" for Linux, I guess.  Just
take the "implications of this!" with a heaping spoonful of salt.

I don't even know if Linux wants to claim ChromeOS.

A few years back I remember people suing the crap out of a certain
operating system provider for bundling a browser with their OS.  And now
the OS is the browser? I don't like it.

*- Chad W. Smith*

=============================================================== From: Tim Youngblood ------------------------------------------------------ You are the last person that machine is targeted toward so that makes sense, Chad. I have one and a Chromebox and they are the best 'alternative' approach to a laptop/simple home computer that we have seen to date. Do I use them? No. MBP Retina, bugs and all. Google actually listened from the first rev which wasn't really a rev as it was a reference platform build (remember all the pundits trashing it?), rev'd it twice now and have a great machine for the primary education and low end home market. Grandma wants to check email? Get her a Chromebook. Walmart is where this should be selling out, IMO.