Middle Click Emulation on new trackpads?

From: William Wade 
So I finally got my wife a new computer (see below for details).

Anyway this has one of those buttonless touchpads. So it does fine with
right and left click, but my wife misses her middle click (mostly in
regards to browsing for opening links and closing tabs). Anyone know how to
get it setup? There is not much out there on this as most have abandoned
the middle click.

Lenovo U310, 32 GB SSD on root and the 500 GB for home, swap, and tmp

Nice setup. Went ahead and installed Fedora 18 Beta (amd64) as it is about
to be released.

Took me a bit to get Skype, Picasa 3.9, hal (for Amazon Prime videos) all
up and running but no hardware issues at all.