Linus Torvalds chews out Kernel Maintainer for breaking UserSpace

From: Stephen Kraus 

I found this rather good.

=============================================================== From: Chad Smith ------------------------------------------------------ Me'sa likes that. *- Chad W. Smith*

=============================================================== From: Billy ------------------------------------------------------ If you don't want people to use it then mark it deprecated, then create a ne= w API contract that will hopefully let people upgrade in a few versions. The= n delete the old API in a few versions. Don't ever just change the contract!= I've also seen several libraries put a bunch of API changes in during a majo= r version bump. This is expected. Major version =3D major changes. As long a= s its explained and a migration path put forth, it's not a big deal. Changing API behavior in a point release or a code revision IS a big deal. Sent from my iPhone -maintainer-for-introducing-userspace-bug