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From: Donna Appleget 
The class has access to simulations I suppose on VMs somewhere.  Seemed
like a good deal to me.

On Saturday, November 17, 2012, David Ingram 
> For roughly the same price you can by the books (Cisco press books or the
Todd Lamle one) and learn that way. I would say it all depends on your
learning style. I've kept up my ccna for close to a decade and I never took
a class. But I prefer learning the hard way. Classes have their place but
there is no substitute for the process of discovering things on your own.
> You will still need some type of lab/hands on experience as well which is
another expense. You could put together a lab of your own, see Wendell
Odom's blog posts about this, or you can rent rack time. Buying old gear
off ebay carefully can get the job done. I guess that will put you past the
99 mark though.
> My 2.
> On Nov 17, 2012 5:46 PM, "Daniel L. Appleget"  wrote:
>> $99 for Complete Cisco Certification IT Network Training Bundle ($3,295
>> Is this worth a poop?
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