/var/log/messages not sorted correctly

From: David White 
I inherited the task to support a large website running on a cPanel server
(I hate cpanel and refuse to touch it as much as possible) that is hosted
and managed by a different company (not me).

After today, it might be time for me to convince the site owners to switch
to me. =)

Anyone ever heard of a CentOS /var/log/messages file showing entries that
are completely (and randomly) out of order?

I've engaged the web hosting provider, as the website is currently giving
off 500s. I manually went through the access

=============================================================== From: Stephen Kraus ------------------------------------------------------ Sounds compromised, either way seems like its going to need to be re-done, so might as well push the client onto a more supportable back end

=============================================================== From: Lynn Dixon ------------------------------------------------------ Check the system clock for drift and then try restarting rsyslog Is it setup for ntp? I I can tell you if it's running on VMware and getting it's time from what the os thinks is the "hardware", clock its going to drift. Vmware has a hard time keeping time especially on vmotion hosts.

=============================================================== From: Mike Harrison ------------------------------------------------------ I'll vote for "both". While it could be a clock problem, and I would start with that. Then install from a properly running similar system, a known good ps, top, ps, du, etc.. etc.. in an odd directory to poke around with. For example, compare the output of /clean/ps with /usr/bin/ps Side note: On a fresh system I have often made a '/root/clean.zip' wih what I consider the system debug essentials: ps, ls, ..