Chugalug (and more) HallowThanksMas - Nov 2nd 2012

From: Mike Harrison 

We've skipped these for few years, it's time to do this when it is warm
enough outside to hang on the deck:

Thou art invited to celebrate AllHallowsThanksforEverythingMas.

WHY:    A "lets celebrate" holiday: HallowThanksMas

WHEN:   Friday, 2012-11-02 from 8pm until sometime very late.
         That's NEXT FRIDAY NIGHT.

WHERE:  1031 Lower Brow, Signal Mtn TN 37377

WHAT:   A mostly geeky get together, but as always, there
         will be some fun and interesting not so geeky people.
         (Warning: Actual living breathing females of the species
          will be attending, bathe and dress accordingly)

WHO:    Anyone on the Chugalug mailing list that act
         as adult as the rest of us. Add spouses, significant
         others and interesting sociable friends. Crashing
         in style is expected. The deck and house are not
         safe for small children.

PROVIDED:  Some beverages, some food, some background music.
         A great view, some chairs, maybe a/some fire.

BRING:  As much or litle as you want,
         consider a toy to show off, an idea to share.
         A swimsuit for the hot tub?

LEAVE:  Axes to grind, bad attitudes, boring drama, fake pretension.
         (Interesting drama we can all participate in or ridicule is allowed)

Mike Harrison  cell: 423.605.6943