Hardware for Syslogging Application

From: David White 
Now that I have pfSense installed & configured for my home network, I'm
starting to think about setting up a sysylog "server" inside my home
firewall that will log things from some of the servers I manage.

The system doesn't have to be too robust, as there's only a handful of
servers (4-5, but that number will likely grow over time) I'm managing at
the moment, and when it gets to the point where that number grows to a
respectable amount, it would probably make more sense just to launch a
separate server on Linode or somewhere....

In the mean time, I'm interested in something fairly cheap, but more
importantly - reliable, small, and quiet, such as an embedded PC. However,
I've read somewhere (maybe pfSense docs?) that CF cards can handle only a
certain number of writes, and that it isn't recommended to put
write-intensive applications on them.

Anyone have anything that they'd recommended?

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