Register for the Appfest!

From: Nate Hill 
Hi all,

Just making another call for registration for this important upcoming
event, the Digital Public Library of America Appfest on Nov 8-9 on The 4th
Floor of the Chattanooga Public Library.

This Digital Public Library of America event is more than just a single
hackathon, the DPLA is a soon-to-be national agency (April 2013) trying to
determine what its own workflow will look like.  Because I've been working
with the DPLA planning team for the past couple of years, I was able to
pull this event to Chattanooga.  This whole thing is much bigger than
Chattanooga, but our community is well positioned to drive and shape it.

Here's a nice piece Dan Cohen wrote about the current state of things on
his blog here:

And seriously, you have to REGISTER!




Nate Hill