List Test #3

From: Mike Harrison 

From what I see in the mail server logs,

It looks like it works. :)

If you get a bounce message sending to the list, your DNS cache is a 
little stale. Wait until Windows 8 is stable and send again.

Ok. Not that long. Just give it a day.

If you did not get this message, but heard about it from someone else,
please email me at some random address you have cached (like this one)
and maybe I'll get it.

PROOF THAT THIS WORKED:  Chad already replied. Thank You Chad!

Just for Chad:

Step away from the computer. That's it. Stand UP.
Left.. right.. breath.. left.. right.. breath.
Stretch. Breath. Its ok, you are only 3 feet from a keyboard..
ok, maybe two if you took small steps. Linus still knows you are alive
and loves you. It's ok to disconnect for a few minutes.

----ON TOPIC: (a little)----

I think with very few regrets, I could make Bodhi Linux / Enlightenment
my main desktop and survive for a few more years as a productive old skool 
arrogant geek bastard with a GUI that I can be productive with before 
being led away (drooling post lobotomy) to use some cloud enabled tablet 
centric interface designed for the non-typing point and drool crowd.