RE: Thank you for coming to The 4th Floor!

From: Garrett Gaston 

Nate=2C I really like the meeting and I'M looking forward to the next one. =
I'M really blown away at all the variables that came into play at just the =
right time for the chugalug to have an opportunity like this. So we need to=
 make use of it=2C and use it well.

Date: Wed=2C 15 Aug 2012 10:49:35 -0400
Subject: [Chugalug] Thank you for coming to The 4th Floor!

Thanks to all of you who came to the library last night.It was inspiring to=
 hear all of your ideas!Also=2C thanks to those who posted some notes back =
to the list.
A few dates for you all to remember:

1) The auction is September 1st at 10:00 AM.  Selling off that which we don=
't need up there frees up money for me to get equipment and other toys for =
us.  Please come=2C buy junk=2C and tell all of your friends to come and bu=
y junk.

2) If everything goes according to plan=2C I expect the gig wireless to be =
running by September 15th.  Wheeeeeee
3) I propose that we meet again after these things have happened.  Yes=2C a=
nother chugalug meeting on The 4th Floor!  Tuesday=2C September 25th at 5:0=

A number of you had specific ideas of things you wanted to do up there.  I =
was terrible about getting folks' contact info.  If you had something speci=
fic in mind you'd like to help with could you contact me directly off-list?=
  (remember I have all those old computers just sitting around begging for =
people to play with them=2C and I have some real Linux needs over here).

Cheers=2C and again thanks for being such an amazing group.  You are making=
 me feel good about the future of public libraries: not just ours in Chatta=
nooga=2C but all of them.  Let's blow this thing up!  (not literally)

Nate Hill