Thank you for coming to The 4th Floor!

From: Nate Hill 
Thanks to all of you who came to the library last night.
It was inspiring to hear all of your ideas!
Also, thanks to those who posted some notes back to the list.

A few dates for you all to remember:

1) The auction is September 1st at 10:00 AM.  Selling off that which we
don't need up there frees up money for me to get equipment and other toys
for us.  Please come, buy junk, and tell all of your friends to come and
buy junk.

2) If everything goes according to plan, I expect the gig wireless to be
running by September 15th.  Wheeeeeee

3) I propose that we meet again after these things have happened. * Yes,
another chugalug meeting on The 4th Floor!*  Tuesday, September 25th at

A number of you had specific ideas of things you wanted to do up there.  I
was terrible about getting folks' contact info.  If you had something
specific in mind you'd like to help with could you contact me directly
off-list?  (remember I have all those old computers just sitting around
begging for people to play with them, and I have some real Linux needs over

Cheers, and again thanks for being such an amazing group.  You are making
me feel good about the future of public libraries: not just ours in
Chattanooga, but all of them.  Let's blow this thing up!  (not literally)


Nate Hill

=============================================================== From: Ed King ------------------------------------------------------ thank YOU for getting this ball rolling all those old computers could be turned into a beowulf cluster... I could then use the cluster and the high speed internet to screen-scrape several thousand linked-in pages and, using parallelized string manipulation functions and a dab of artificial intelligence algorithms, compose a really swank job title for myself :)

=============================================================== From: David Duncan ------------------------------------------------------ I missed the meeting. Sad about that,but family issue came up and i had to take care of that. Now it looks like the next one is scheduled during an out-of-town engagement. I still want to pitch in as much as possible. Nate, I would be glad to help out on the weekend or something. Let us know about upcoming volunteer opportunities in support of the meeting space.