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.all of which run much faster on SSDs. e.g., photoshop or GIMP loading time
would be cut down to at least 1/3 of the time it takes on conventional HDD.
I've managed to get small SSDs for OS and apps on all my machines and keep
my large/cheap HDDs for "work" data. Another good buying point of SSDs is
the life expectancy. If the "work" data is critical long term storage,
there's much less likely a chance of failure on SSDs than with a spinning
disk. It boils down to you get what you pay for. they're def worth paying


As a good example, I have a client in the auto body industry. You wouldn't
think they'd have a need for SSD, but his main computer work is on an
application that runs on top of a large local database of part numbers,
pictures of damage, diagrams, etc. After a 10+ years of migrating the data
from one workstation to another, just creating a new work ticket eventually
became really slow on his fairly new/powerful workstation with a single
large SATA2 HDD. After he already tried maxing out the RAM it was still
slow. so he calls me and asks WTF. I suggested a SSD to run his application
and OS on and keep the SATA2 for damage pictures and misc data. He couldn't
be happier with the speed. In fact, I got a few referral calls after that
one from other shops in the area with the exact same situation. One shop in
particular was running that same application on a central server with a good
sized 3 HDD RAID5. Even the multiple spindles couldn't compare to the speed
of a single SSD dedicated to the application. Eric is certainly right on
this one. the additional productivity alone is worth the investment.


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Yes because work is the only thing to use a computer for, smartass.


Besides the fact that I do enjoy electronic entertainment in many forms
(games, movies, music, books) - I actually /do/ have hundreds of gigs of
work data.  I'm a designer, so my work doesn't amount to basically text -
which is what coding is, text.  So my work takes up a lot more room.  I
produce videos - edit audio - images - huge, multi-layer photoshop files and
desktop publishing files - some numbering for multiple hundreds of pages...
You do the math, tiff files at 1200 dpi, HD 1080p raw videos, I have mp3
files that are bigger than 100 MB each - that's compressed / lossy stuff at
100 MB.


So just because your work can be stored in .txt files doesn't mean
everyone's can.

- Chad W. Smith

On Mon, Jul 23, 2012 at 7:09 PM, Eric Wolf  wrote:

Wow! You must be super productive to need that much data storage!