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From: Matt Keys 
By default your partition will be ext4 on a ubuntu installation. There's
utilities out there for file recovery on ext3/4, but since you've installed
Vista and Mint over it it's probably gone from the laptop disk. You could
try recovering the partitions and doing it that way, but I seriously doubt
it will be successful and you'll likely need to reinstall vista and mint
afterwards. The external disk will probably be your best option for
recovery, assuming you haven't reformatted it. What is the filesystem type
on the external disk?



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Sent: Tuesday, July 17, 2012 10:14 PM
Subject: [Chugalug] data recovery


I recently made a great blunder and deleted both copies of a whole ubuntu
username. I had the folder that I had placed everything to be saved, and
then a compressed version of that same folder on my ubuntu laptop and
another compressed version on an external hard drive. I've since deleted
both the folder and the compressed folder on my laptop and re-installed
Vista and Mint dual boot. I believe that the compressed file on the external
was deleted while plugged into my Windows desktop. Any data recovery ideas?
I'M currently trying a program called "testdisk" on the external while
plugged into the Windows desktop. Though it's returned thousands of file, I
haven't found it yet. I can't remember how big it was but I think the file
was called DeveloperBackup and I'M guessing the extension was .gz but I'M
not sure. What ever ubuntu does by default when you right click and select
compress, that's what kind of file it is. The testdisk program has two
versions, the photorec & the testdisk that's for recovering lost partitions.
I stayed away from the later because I'M not really sure what that would do
to my system(s) as they stand. Again, any good ideas? Thanks.


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