data recovery

From: Garrett Gaston 

I recently made a great blunder and deleted both copies of a whole ubuntu u=
sername. I had the folder that I had placed everything to be saved=2C and t=
hen a compressed version of that same folder on my ubuntu laptop and anothe=
r compressed version on an external hard drive. I've since deleted both the=
 folder and the compressed folder on my laptop and re-installed Vista and M=
int dual boot. I believe that the compressed file on the external was delet=
ed while plugged into my Windows desktop. Any data recovery ideas? I'M curr=
ently trying a program called "testdisk" on the external while plugged into=
 the Windows desktop. Though it's returned thousands of file=2C I haven't f=
ound it yet. I can't remember how big it was but I think the file was calle=
d DeveloperBackup and I'M guessing the extension was .gz but I'M not sure. =
What ever ubuntu does by default when you right click and select compress=
=2C that's what kind of file it is. The testdisk program has two versions=
=2C the photorec & the testdisk that's for recovering lost partitions. I st=
ayed away from the later because I'M not really sure what that would do to =
my system(s) as they stand. Again=2C any good ideas? Thanks.
Sorry=2C I forgot a subject 		 	   		  =