Help with TV tuner card

From: James Nylen 
I wanted to play with a TV tuner card (I have EPB's basic TV service and I
wanted to set up MythTV or similar to get a TV guide).  I installed a TV
card I had lying around, but it seems to be broken - no output in lspci.

It's my understanding that if nothing shows up in lspci then there's no way
it's going to work.  Is there anything else I should try?

Failing that, does anyone have a TV tuner card that works with Linux?  I am
not sure whether EPB's basic service uses NTSC or ATSC.  I will pay a
reasonable amount, or I have various semi-cool stuff to trade.

=============================================================== From: Nick Smith ------------------------------------------------------ I have tried a bunch of different tuner cards with EPB's service and could not get any to work. Its something in the way they encrypt the signal. This was without the set-top box, it might work if you get one of those. I V ay I am

=============================================================== From: Ed King ------------------------------------------------------ I've got... Comcast Kubuntu Hauppage PVR-150 in my home theater setup... the pvr-150 works great with linux and I'm able to record to disk (I tried mythtv, but it sucked ass, so I just do something like: cat /dev/video0 > whatever.mpg) I have to keep the card tuned to "chan 4" and change channels with the Comcast set top box. Before the switch to digital cable I was able to change channels directly on the pvr-150