From: Garrett Gaston 

I agree that I'll be able to learn everything that I use and a regular basi=
s and be able to find everything I don't know via man pages=2C and google. =
I have no doubts about myself there. But I do need to get the LPI cert if e=
ver I am to get a job in the tech field. So no one knows if I can take the =
101 and 102 exams on different dates? Oh Alex=2C thanks=2C I would indeed l=
ike both the LPI and RH material you offered me. Thanks again.

Date: Wed=2C 27 Jun 2012 00:35:18 -0500
Subject: [Chugalug] LPI

When taking the LPI exam do you have to take both the LX0-101 and 102 exams=
 at the same sitting or can you take the two on two different dates? Also=
=2C any good site for practicing the LPI? Thanks.
Even if I had a job as a Linux admin I would find it almost impossible to d=
o that job without a reference book at my side at all times. Though It seem=
s almost possible to learn all those commands what really gets me is then h=
aving to try and learn all their appropriate flags=2C and then there's coun=
tless files and there directory paths as well for damn near everything else=
 as well. 		 	   		 =20