From: Garrett Gaston 

When taking the LPI exam do you have to take both the LX0-101 and 102 exams=
 at the same sitting or can you take the two on two different dates? Also=
=2C any good site for practicing the LPI? Thanks.
Even if I had a job as a Linux admin I would find it almost impossible to d=
o that job without a reference book at my side at all times. Though It seem=
s almost possible to learn all those commands what really gets me is then h=
aving to try and learn all their appropriate flags=2C and then there's coun=
tless files and there directory paths as well for damn near everything else=
 as well. 		 	   		  =

=============================================================== From: wes ------------------------------------------------------ google is my reference book. -wes

=============================================================== From: William Wade ------------------------------------------------------ There generally is a reference book installed at all times "man" or "info". Also for 98% of standard commands $command --help will work to give you some idea. You will quickly learn the ones you actually use.

=============================================================== From: "kitepilot@kitepilot.com" ------------------------------------------------------ Best 'everything Linux' book that I've found: http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/ YMMV... ET Garrett Gaston writes:

=============================================================== From: Benjamin Stewart ------------------------------------------------------ Overwhelming at first, isn't it? That's a lot of why it's so satisfying once you feel yourself really starting to understand it. You'll get there, with enough practice! A lot of the skill is actually in knowing what to look up, how, and where. The 'man' command, and Google are going to become your close friends. Oh, and don't get too attached to where the directories are in your current system. They'll probably move everything around in the next release! :-\ Running Linux in the real world is probably going to be pretty different from studying it for an exam. I'm not at all saying that I don't put stock in exams and certs, but look at it this way: You're bound to learn math a lot better by putting it into practice than by studying for a test--the same goes for Linux. Use it enough to solve real, everyday problems, and you won't be nearly as overwhelmed when you look at the exam requirements, because you'll have practical knowledge and a "feel" for it. On the other hand, if you try to learn it by cramming for an exam, then each fact you learn is disconnected from the others, and you don't know what's really important and what's just an esoteric test question. Either way, good luck! On Wed, Jun 27, 2012 at 1:35 AM, Garrett Gaston wro= te: ms do s g

=============================================================== From: "Alex Smith (K4RNT)" ------------------------------------------------------ I have it stored on YouSendIt. Expect an email from them, requiring user authentication. On Wed, Jun 27, 2012 at 5:27 PM, Garrett Gaston wrot= e: n s g

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