favorite online electronic supplier?

From: Ed King 
looking for recommendations (or anti-recommendations) for online electronics 
parts suppliers

I want to start accumulating the ICs and parts needed to construct my own 
lightsaber, ummm I mean my own version of the Apple IIe IDE interface (which, 
I'm hoping, could also be used in my Tandy1000 if I wrote the low/mid and 
possible high level software drivers...    sounds like fun)

anyway, at what place(s) do y'all shop for electrical goodies?   I have been 
looking at jameco.com and it looks like it has everything I need for the above 
project, but wondering if there was any place "better"?     I used to "live" at 
Radio Shack when I was younger but now that place gives me the creeps so I'm 
looking elsewhere...

=============================================================== From: Dan Lyke ------------------------------------------------------ been above I haven't compared much. Digi-Key is my go-to for components, Parallax or Spark Fun for when I want something as an assembly that it'd be too much of a pain in the ass to solder myself. Dan

=============================================================== From: Dave Brockman ------------------------------------------------------ -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 +1 Digi-Key and +1 for Parallax, for the same reasons. (Need to check out Spark Fun) Regards, dtb -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v2.0.17 (MingW32) Comment: Using GnuPG with Mozilla - http://enigmail.mozdev.org/ iEUEARECAAYFAk97TrkACgkQABP1RO+tr2QpxgCgkMktEOG2Dn7Sznh3zAVUrvYR vIIAmIJ5nm+5iMfWcBclRIfp0R8Ae70= =KRb6 -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----

=============================================================== From: Ed King ------------------------------------------------------ thanks for the Digi-Key reference, I checked it out and it looks purty good I must be getting senile, it took me a few minutes to remember that a card edge connector was called a card edge connector ----- Original Message ---- From: Dan Lyke To: CHUGALUG Sent: Tue, April 3, 2012 1:47:54 PM Subject: Re: [Chugalug] favorite online electronic supplier? I haven't compared much. Digi-Key is my go-to for components, Parallax or Spark Fun for when I want something as an assembly that it'd be too much of a pain in the ass to solder myself. Dan

=============================================================== From: Dan Lyke ------------------------------------------------------ Okay, I need to add one more to this: AdaFruit, for when I want a more complete solution. I was introduced to the SparkFun guys when I saw a presentation at an O'Reilly conference on emerging telecom a few years ago where they described building a Western Electric rotary phone. They've now productized it, but at the time it was "we took these components and soldered 'em together, and the hard part was building the drive circuitry for the ringer, and..." http://www.sparkfun.com/categories/96

=============================================================== From: Sean Brewer ------------------------------------------------------ +1 to Adafruit, SparkFun, Jameco, and DigiKey. I've bought stuff from all of these guys. My only complaint is the shipping is crazy high on Jameco if you just need a few components. Best thing to do is find a group of people to order stuff with.

=============================================================== From: Ryan Harrell ------------------------------------------------------ Spark fun tends to be pretty expensive, but they've usually got a pretty good selection of pre-built components that are hard to find elsewhere. Also check out Adafruit for a good selection of kits and components, as well as MakerShed from make magazine. Often you can also get free samples of IC's direct from the manufacturer. I've gotten a ton of the MSP430 series free from TI. Also radio shack has gotten considerably better in the last year, it might be worth checking out again. I don't know which one you typically go to, but they're offering a lot more stuff for hobbyists again (arduinos, parallax kits, components, etc) It largely depends on the particular store however. The one next to the Rave theater has a pretty decent selection if I need something right away. --- Ryan Harrell 423-313-6405 www.ryanfreelance.com

=============================================================== From: Lynn Dixon ------------------------------------------------------ I would also add in Mouser in addition to the others mentioned. Theres always...Radio Shack.....LOL!!!!

=============================================================== From: Tim Waggoner ------------------------------------------------------ element14 is a good site. http://us.element14.com/ I like to watch the "Ben Heck Show" http://bit.ly/HWmqpY He does some crazy things with electronics. There are some good tutorials on the RaspberryPI http://bit.ly/HPQNlm

=============================================================== From: Michael Scholten ------------------------------------------------------ Ben Heck is a great show, along with a several others on revision3's site... www.revision3.com -Michael