Chugalunch Friday (and on topic)

From: Mike Harrison 
On Thu, 19 Jan 2012, John Aldrich wrote:
> I'm going to make an executive decision. As the once-and-future President of
> Chugalug, I hereby decree Chugalunch will be at Conga at 11:30 AM on Friday,
> January 20th, 2012!

Wow, that's an excellent proclamation. Wish I could have made it.
Instead I'm doing 12-14+ hr days, eating what people in the
Dominican Republic think is "american/european" food.
Conga is better. Although, if I get a chance to eat "street food"
it's pretty good.

---------------------------------------On Topic (kinda) story:
Gotta share a kewl moment from yesterday, we've installed a Linux
server at a utility here, running our system. and were test printing
some invoices on preprinted paper.

The big (HP) printer is currently in an isolated room, and is fairly busy,
so we needed to be at the printer, load the forms between other print jobs
and send to the printer.

Their current printing jobs tie up a WinXP desktop system in another room.

Pull up our sysem on my N900 phone (on their internal protected WiFi),
navigate to the print queue page.... (on my phone, and show the
new commercial manager how to do the same on his iPad), load the paper
and click the print button. His eyes get big when the printer
dumps out 10 invoices. He asked how that worked, because the server
is 2 networks and several hundred miles away. I explain the Linux
server talks directly to the printer over the network.
he exclaims loadly with a big smile:

     "I love Linux!"

What is amazing to me, is how much I forget how cumbersom
most (big busiiness) Windows applications are, and how much IT work
goes into making them work.

That was your warm fuzzy Linux story for the day. :)