IPv6 report

From: Dave Brockman 
(Hmm, I've knocked a lot off of my project list.. that means I should
probably be studying....)

So just a brief recap of setting up IPv6 @ home...

Cisco 1841, 4507 (Sup IV), ASA 5505 (v7 train)

All worked with minimal configuration.  The 1841 is also terminating the
tunnel to HE.  The ASA provides identical firewall services on IPv6 as
IPv4, minus the NAT, out of the box when first turned on.

Debian squeeze: base OS was a cinch.  Postfix and bind needed minor
tweaking from the default config.  I haven't gotten to radvd, etc yet,
still baby-stepping with statics.  It is interesting to see the mail
that filters in on IPv6 vs what filters in on IPv4 :)

Debian Lenny: same as squeeze for the OS.  ip6tables took a little more
tweaking to duplicate the IPv4 config, but if you can generate an IPv4
ruleset, you can gen an IPv6 one.

pfsense: no IPv6 support. (till 2.1) /sniff

Windows 7: picked up RA from 4507, knew it was connected and had access
to the internet by the time I checked it.  Took static assignments just
as easily.

dd-wrt on the wndr3700 - is checked for IPv6 support, but no options to
do anything other than build a tunnel.... just gonna say WTF and move on..

To be continued as I tinker more in the future, but for now, it seems
most things are "ready to fire up".