OT: For Sale: Umid M1 Netbook

From: Stephen Kraus 
Played with it, loved it, but realized it wasn't for me

Umid M1 Mini Netbook

1.3 Ghz Intel Atom
512MB DDR2 (Non-upgradeble)
32GB built in SSD with Windows XP Home
Resistive Touchscreen with 1024x760 Resolution includes stylus
built in 802.11b/g with Bluetooth
Has a built in MicroSDHC slot for expansion

Comes with the headphones and microUSB to USB adapter needed for the USB

I loved it, its EXTREMELY small, gets excellent battery life, and its the
only netbook I know that is pocket sized

The ONLY downsides to it:
The battery it came with was dead, not to be stopped by that I simply
replaced the dead cells, so it has a working 'hacked' together battery. You
can purchase a new battery on ebay for about $80 dollars

I am asking $200 for the lot.