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David White dwrudy at gmail.com
Sat Mar 29 17:38:16 UTC 2014

Evidently my question is one for the ages, since no one on ServerFault and
anyone in Linode's IRC support channel has been answered it (successfully),
nor anyone on Freenode's #centos has attempted to answer it.

I'm having trouble setting up a 2nd (virtual) interface on my CentOS 6.x
VPS. Everything works, except that whenever I reboot, the 2nd IP address
doesn't come up. However, simply running "ifup eth0:0" after a reboot
causes the 2nd IP to come up without an issue. You can view how I have the
interfaces configured on my question on Server Fault from a couple days ago

Since that question, the only changes I've made to the 2nd interface
(eth0:0)'s config file is: I took out the Gateway, I took out the IPv6
stuff, and I took out the "Type" directive ("Ethernet")

I've also tried, today, to rename both the file (ifcfg-eth0:1), AND the
interface defined within the file (DEVICE="eth0:1") to no avail. On the
2nd, new, IP addy's config file, I've also tried changing ONBOOT="yes" to
ONPARENT="yes" which also hasn't worked.

What could I be missing?

David White
Founder & CEO

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