[Chugalug] Did you hear? The IRS wants your Bitcoins!

William Roush william.roush at roushtech.net
Wed Mar 26 16:52:07 UTC 2014

On 3/26/2014 12:51 PM, DaWorm wrote:
> Yes, actually, that's all the government does run on.  And they are 
> printing them hand over fist.  The government is the only entity that 
> can think in the long term.  The problem is, they don't make long term 
> sound decisions for fear of the short term results.  The transition 
> period from income tax to flat or fair tax would indeed be an 
> expensive proposition in the short term.  Which is why it will 
> probably never happen.

Not nearly at the rate your suggesting they up it to.

William Roush
william.roush at roushtech.net


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