[Chugalug] To fellow Hams: inexpensive 10m rigs

Rod rod-lists at epbfi.com
Wed Mar 26 14:19:54 UTC 2014

Until I can fab that circuit board and make my USB linux driven SDR, I'll  
need an inexpensive 10m rig.
Unfortunately the same Software Define Radio revolution has killed off the  
the single band HF and 6m rigs in the Ham market.
If you want 10 meters, or 6M with AM and SSB, you need to by an expensive  
multi band HF rig.
While I am interested in the rest of HF, I don't see the need to buy a  
radio with capabilities I can't use at the moment.

That has led me to the murky world of import CB's. While it is definitely  
illegal to use these as CB's in the US, it is legal to use them on 10 and  
12 meters if you have privileges to do so.
I had been looking at the Anytone Apollo 1, sold in this country as the  
Stryker SR 89MC, for $150.

While it does AM and FM, it doesn't do sideband. I could use it for data  
and CW but not phone since techs only have sideband phone privileges.

I have been hearing good things about the Yeticom Optimas.


Done in short batches and they seem to be of a higher quality than many  
export CB's. In fact the above article calls them true ham rigs.
But they are about $300. And the Grant 2's and Lincoln's  2's by President  
Electronics which have excellent quality sideband are north of that in  

The only thing I found near that $150 to $200 price range is the AT-5555.  
Still researching the quality. However I been contacted by overseas  
suppliers that might be able to give a price break. They also have the  
AT-6666 and the AT-5555N.

So maybe if we get a large enough group we might get a good discount from  
fair Cathay.
Anyone up for it?

PS it is programmable by software.


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