[Chugalug] What are the $%& boxes waiting for? :(

kitepilot at kitepilot.com kitepilot at kitepilot.com
Mon Mar 24 15:28:42 UTC 2014

> is this in a VM setup?
Several motherboards, Intel and AMD from dual to quad passing by three 
processors, different amounts and types of memory, it's driving me crazy.
Or crazier, depending on who you ask...


Bret McHone writes: 

> On Mon, Mar 24, 2014 at 11:12 AM, <kitepilot at kitepilot.com> wrote: 
>> Hello collective wisdom...
>> I have several Linux boxes (different distros, no common denominator) that
>> for no apparent reason have the processor(s) go into a 'waiting' state
>> rather way too often.
>> And then they wait...
>> and wait...
>> and wait some more...
>> Darn it, how do I find out what in the #$%@ World are those processors
>> waiting for?   :(
>> Thanks...
>> ET
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