[Chugalug] So what is the state of making your own circuit boards?

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You know, I never thought about using a Dremel. I have one of those and the
small bits that come with it.
Thanks for that idea.

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> On Fri, 21 Mar 2014 14:55:52 -0400
> Rod <rod-lists at epbfi.com> wrote:
> > I'll look into it and thanx.
> > I wonder what original maker used. From what I gathered he did a lot
> > on linux.
> Figure out how to generate Eagle files (and many open source hardware
> projects include 'em), if I remember right that's the lingua franca for
> everyone who doesn't do the "here's some free software that you can use
> to order from us" thing, and is what you'll wnat for >2 layer boards.
> Then just search for "Eagle file circuit board" and pick a vendor.
> There are tons.
> I've got an acquaintance who was doing his own with the "print on a
> laser printer, iron that on to a board as a resist layer", and... yeah.
> Setting up to do high quality fine trace circuit boards is a capital
> intensive process. The people I know who are making inroads into
> actually doing their own are using small CNC routers (Dremel and some
> steppers) and cutting away the copper that way...). But that's nothing
> compared to what a real vendor will give you.
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