[Chugalug] ESXi Server Odd Behavior

Jonathan Calloway jonathancalloway at gmail.com
Fri Mar 21 00:51:51 UTC 2014


I’m running ESXi server on an ASUS Essentio PC that has an AMD A8 APU, 8 GB of RAM and a 1 TB HDD.  I’m running 2 CentOS guests, 1 Fedora 19 Guest, 1 Fedora 20 Guest and a Windows Server 2008 guest (for Share Point dev.)

It usually runs very quietly, and I barely notice it’s in the room.  However, a couple of days ago, it started sounding like it was going to take off and start flying around the room.  I shut down all the VM’s, put it into maintenance mode and shut it down, then brought it back up and without stating any of the guests it started doing the same thing.  I’ve checked, and all the fans are working and there is very little dust.   

Any ideas what could be going on?


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