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    Nuclear power is here to stay. The percentage of our current power
production that is nuclear is too large to go away.  I prefer safer and
cleaner nuclear power over same old weapon makers. I believe that most of
the old reactors were built with two purposes.  Firstly, creating weapons
grade material. Secondly, power generation. We now have several tested and
untested designs to burn the weapons material. Why not build reactors that
will burn what was considered waste. Sure, you will likely still have waste
when done.

1. It will be less waste.
2. You generated additional power.
3. Other designs may actually burn that waste product as well.

    Solar power comes in several forms, what is your need? Hot water for
showers or radiator heat for winter days? Pool warmer? Reflect and/or
diffused light for indoor lighting. Partially or completely close a light
vent to reduce or shut off the light. The light valve can be a
photoelectric panel that collects the light for power that is not currently
used for lighting.
The efficiency and price of photoelectric panels is getting better
everyday. It is already a viable option. The main hurdle to using solar is

Power storage:
    Chemical batteries are not the only storage method. Two options are
gravity and inertia. One example, TVA pumps water up to mountain top lakes
as energy storage during non-peak. Then, later allows the water to flow
down and power generators during peak. Some one recently invented the
gravity light. Lift some weight such as a bucket of sand, dirt, or water
and place it on a hook that pulls a pulley attached to a gearing system
that turns a dynamo generating a small current powering a light for a few
hours.  I can imagine something similar with a much larger weight. Say,
lifting a boulder a few inches by a via gearing driven by a motor/winch
that doubles as the dynamo for power generation. Some places have
envisioned slowly spinning up a large flywheel during excess power and
draining from the continued rotation power drops.

On Fri, Mar 14, 2014 at 7:22 AM, Mike Harrison <cluon at geeklabs.com> wrote:

> Just adding a final note to the thread. almost 2 weeks ago I put a
> Unisolar ePVL-68, a flexible 68 watt solar panel on the roof of our RV with
> a MorningStar 10amp PWM (not MPTT) controller. It was an awesome easy
> install and you can barely tell it's on the RV compared to the biger
> panels. I've seen it peak at 4amps at 12 volts... working well so far.
> total cost of less than 300 for 60-ish watts is a little pricey but I'm
> impressed by the way it fit on ther roof flush and the general quality of
> materials. And the adhesive: I don't think I could get it off if I tried.
> Worth considering if you need such stuff.
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