[Chugalug] OT bugs and code quality

Ed King chevyiinova at bellsouth.net
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I've seen software written by fortune500 refugees that is just as buggy/unmaintanable as any other stuff I've ever seen, despite all the fancy tools used and money spent

bugs are gonna happen, best thing you can do is to keep the complexity down, and hire/keep people who care who can fix the bugs quickly and learn from the mistake       

if you've got an MVC system that is "7 layers deep"  in abtraction and a framework that only the writer of the framework understands, then you get what you deserve for letting it get that complex

I consider myself quiet fortunate to be on a small team (3 programmers and a QA person) who have all been with the company for at least 6 years and we know the system and how it works, and despite getting paid peanuts and no bonuses, we still care about our work, and I really think that keeps a lot of our bugs down

plus we're all good lookin,  that helps.

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For those of you are on/lead teams of developers or engineers what do you do keep everyone focused on reducing bugs and thinking through the impact of changes? I get there is a lot that can be done with unit and integration testing and formal QA. However, what I am asking centers more on keeping quality front and center in the team's mindset. 

There is probably no easy answer to this but, how do you separate bugs that are caused from "moving fast/meeting deadlines" versus we probably should have caught this one?


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