[Chugalug] Needed: Friend in Germany or a German VPN

Mike Harrison cluon at geeklabs.com
Tue Mar 11 16:42:04 UTC 2014


is a web page with an embedded video on it, that is IP / Country restricted.

the video is a 5 minute snippet of an hour long award winning film that 
includes my son and his drifting/german car obsession crowd.

I've tried getting it via Tor and some "open" German proxies
without success, anyone got a friend in Germany that could help me snarf 
that video for Ryan (my son). It seems to be pretty heavily IP/Region 
restricted.. yeah, I know.. I'm probably attempting to break some laws 

Anyone got a clue with this type of thing, I don't do much international 
or national video snarfing. I can see the preliminary ad.. I can't see the 

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