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David White dwrudy at gmail.com
Fri Mar 7 17:54:22 UTC 2014

I had a (new) client contact me over Facebook last night, and was at their
place for close to 3 hours this morning.

They've got a firewall running Untangle, which I'm not familiar with.
Here's the odd thing - Whoever set it up for them set it up on a
motherboard that doesn't have VGA, DVI, or Console out - it only has HDMI
and Display Port, and even with a HDMI -> DVI adapter, the IT guy (who
admits he's not a network / hardware guy) over there wasn't able to get
display into the box.

It's running on a system board inside an M360 enclosure (same exact
enclosures I use for my own devices and devices I recommend to people).

Their entire network was down, and after troubleshooting some things (and
talking with their own IT guy), we narrowed the issue down to the Untangle
device. Put in one of my own pfSense devices temporarily (and they're back
up and running now).

I'm back at my desk now, and swapped hard drives with one of my own
devices, so I could plug in a VGA monitor and take a look at it.

I've already gotten permission from the guy to wipe this and put pfSense on

But I was wondering if anyone use Untangle? Do you like it? I'm going to
put pfSense on this baby and then test it on the original hardware, and
hopefully be able to get them back up and running on their own hardware,
but this is intriguing.

Anyway... back to wiping untangle and getting this thing back up and
David White
Founder & CEO

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