[Chugalug] silly perl one liner to randomize passwords

Mike Harrison cluon at geeklabs.com
Wed Mar 5 23:16:18 UTC 2014

On Mar 5, 2014, at 4:47 PM, AverageSecurityGuy <stephen at averagesecurityguy.info> wrote:
> For the sake of your sanity DO NOT LEARN Perl. Learn Bash for simple stuff an Python for complex stuff. Let Perl DIAF.

In the world of making sense out of garbage data, perl is one of the best tools out there. It depends on what you need to do. 
While I don’t use it very often any more, when I do, it is an incredible tool for the job. 

Disclaimer: And while I had to study it, I actually kinda understood that one liner and the regex’s and pipes involved. 

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