[Chugalug] silly perl one liner to randomize passwords

Alex Smith (K4RNT) shadowhunter at gmail.com
Wed Mar 5 21:20:30 UTC 2014

Oh god, is that really a Perl script?

...I don't think I want to learn it anymore. :P

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On Wed, Mar 5, 2014 at 4:09 PM, <flushy at flushy.net> wrote:

> I was bored yesterday and a FB status spawned this:
> sudo cat /etc/shadow | perl -pe 'sub r{$l=shift;open(R,"base64
> /dev/urandom|")||die$!;sysread(R,$R,$l*4);close(R);$
> R=~s/[^\w]//g;substr($R,0,$l)}@P=split/:/;if($P[1]=~/\$6/){$
> s=&r(8);$p=&r(16);$P[1]=crypt($p,"\$6\$$s");$_=join(":", at P);}'
> It will ready in the shadow file, and output stdout with new shadow file
> data with any defined passwords randomized.
> --b
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