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Ed King chevyiinova at bellsouth.net
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Makes me wonder...  what is the median age of this motley crew we call Chugalug?   is the list getting "younger" or "older" as the years go by?     most of the folks I see posting on a frequent basis have been on here for many years so it makes me think the list might be getting "older".     or maybe the new/young folks are just lurkers, I dunno.   

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On 3/5/2014 11:31 AM, Aaron welch wrote:
> Really sad that he is that way, kinda reminds me of another young, 
> smart, and very opinionated member of Chugalug.  Of course he has
> grown up a bit.

<wipes sweat from brow>
Whew!  You said young, thought you were talking about me for a second :)


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