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El Jeffe ask me to pass this along. seee the pr spot at the link below.

Those not local my apologies.
And yes this my revenge for those bitcoin crusades/jihads.
hey folks,

i know, most of you're crazy busy like i am.  so, i fully understand how  
difficult it is to take the time to stop and watch some "viral" video or  
one of those "you've GOT to see this" or "Too Good NOT to share"  
treasures.  but these really ARE worth your time.

AND, i think they'll help you wrap your brain around the overall concept  
of what we're trying to achieve with "Local Hero".  we want to show the  
rest of the world...and our own neighbors...what kind of outdoor  
opportunities exist in our own backyard.  the majority of them overlooked  
or taken for granted.

plus, this isn't something we've really shared...but we should have.   
we're actually using this contest/event, as a means to collect extremely  
hard-to-find footage of remarkably difficult spots to get to (like the  
trough of "hell's hole" on the ocoee or halfway down the 300 foot drop  
into "fantastic pit") and we're donating them to the local CVB.  Later,  
once they have a truly unique library of "go to" video that will be the  
envy of any other city wishing to attract the "thrill-seeking" target  
demographic...they'll be able to utilize them as needed, to continue  
building Chattanooga's brand as an "outdoor adventure" destination.

BUT, we also want the more typical shots of families gently floating down  
the "sequatichie" or just sliding down the hill at "renaissance park" on  
cardboard, too.  and if they're shot through the viewpoint of someone  
who's sincerely enjoying and recording an important moment in their  
lives...i think that will come through to the casual viewer.

please view, at your convenience, and help spread the word through  
whatever format you have available to you.  and join us.  shoot your own  
video, highlighting your own outdoor fun and/or thrill-seeking.   
stick-and-ball sports are welcome.  hunters, fishermen are welcome.   
rugby, soccer...come on in!

here are some examples of the types of videos we've already had come in:

offroad unicycling -

these are from one of our "outdoor organization partners"...the  
'Southeastern Climbers Coalition':

but they can be as simple as this:

i actually put this one together myself, in a single day, during the last  
"winter weather event" we had...just to show how easy it can be for  

we'd really appreciate whatever you can do at this 11th hour, last minute.


please see the attached press release.  the bulleted information below can  
be used as well.

NEW SPONSORS are ALWAYS WELCOME!  contact Brooke Fantana:   
brooke at atomicfilms.com<mailto:brooke at atomicfilms.com> - 267-3456.

spread the word, join the fun, and share the wealth of our region's  
natural beauty and opportunity for relexation AND adventure in the  
easiest, most creative way possible.


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