[Chugalug] Is LibreOffice *THAT* bad? :(

Tom Wilson twilson at gtwilson.net
Sat Sep 28 05:38:55 UTC 2013

On 9/27/13 1:59 PM, Dan Eveland wrote:
> I really want LibreOffice to work for me. But it just sucks so bad
> once you dig into past a little memo or small spreadsheet. I try it
> out every major update. It has never failed to let me down in some
> small or large way every time I try to complete a (not-simple)
> document. Of course, my requirements are my own and your millage may vary.

It really does boil down to your usage and expectations.

My wife has written 19 books using Open/LibreOffice and the only 
complaint is mine as it exports the ugliest HTML I have ever seen. Makes 
conversion to *proper* EPUB & MOBI an annoyance. VIM and some custom 
plugins ease the pain somewhat. Fortunately, submissions for 
print-on-demand are PDF so there's no trouble there.

Personally, I used to swear by Office until the day it decided I had to 
buy a new license before I re-installed it. (Hard drive failure and 
subsequent replacing and repaving)  I can very easily afford it and, 
yes, I know a call to Microsoft would likely be all that is required 
anyway. Not interested in calling some peon in Bangladesh (or anywhere 
else for that matter) to ask if I may please use my software again 
pretty please. It's not going to happen - ever.

As far as the spreadsheet inadequacies are concerned, I don't think 
anyone who uses spreadsheets in a serious capacity would claim 
Libre/OpenOffice calc has anything approaching parity let alone 
superiority to Excel. The only complicated spreadsheet I ever used was 
mangled by calc. Fortunately, it was for Eve Online...so.....it wasn't 
what you would call a deal-breaker. I just re-did it so it worked again 
(Then promptly stopped playing Eve Online because I no longer have the 
time for that sort of thing)

I'd liken serious mathematical modeling in calc to implementing an 
interstate overpass with Legos. (Apple Numbers? - TinkerToys) - Finding 
an alternative route would be my first order of business.

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