[Chugalug] Is LibreOffice *THAT* bad? :(

Rod rod-lists at epbfi.com
Fri Sep 27 22:29:59 UTC 2013

 From what I read it is the spreadsheet that gets people. The Write or comp  
part is doable.
My question is everyone knows that excel users are using it as a mini db,  
how much of those issues are due to that?
In other words is your brother trying to do something that LO/OO thinks  
should be done in Base?

Also as others pointed out there are work flow differences as there are  
with many commercial office suites.
He would have issues if tried to go to wordperfect or Amipro.
Didn't mean they didn't have feature set, they just went about it  
I had that issue when my old job just decided I was going for WP to MS  
office for no other reason than it was what was installed on the new  
Screwed my work flow for a while.

On the other hand your hermano may be one of those power users who uses  
the obscure feature set that MS has that no else does.
Can't tell until we have an example. Tho spreadsheets wern't my forte.

On Fri, 27 Sep 2013 13:53:26 -0400, <kitepilot at kitepilot.com> wrote:

> So I talked my brother into ditching Micro$haft and moving to Linux.
> Baaaad idea... The man uses Excel *HEAVILY*, and LibreOffice just could  
> not keep up.
> But it was not lack of features or limitations, it was *STUPID* (but  
> dangerous) things like cells not showing the real value and/or  
> recalculating wrong. I didn't take his word for it, he showed me the  
> (unbelievable) problems (I could not believe what I was seeing).
> The guy is back to Excel...
> What am I missing?
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