[Chugalug] [OT] Need a small server

Rod rod-lists at epbfi.com
Fri Sep 27 02:15:13 UTC 2013

hit the c key on startup to boot from optical disk. Put whatever you want  
on it.

On Thu, 26 Sep 2013 21:58:47 -0400, Stephen Haywood  
<stephen at averagesecurityguy.info> wrote:

> I can get a Mac Mini with a 2.3Ghz QuadCore i7, 8Gb RAM, and 2-1TB hard  
> drives for $1099. Are there any other companies with comparable hardware  
> in a similar sized form factor for less money? It must support Linux  
> with little or no problems. I know Mac is not Linux but it's close  
> enough for what I'm doing.
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