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On Tue, 24 Sep 2013 12:57:54 -0400, Mike Harrison <cluon at geeklabs.com>  

> When used with the right tone and meaning, any word/vocalization becomes  
> profanity.
> Once established (through repetition, stories or shared experiences)  
> it's all about what your brain thinks it means:
> Which leads to appropriate cuss words for FOSS/Linux/Android/MacOSX fans:
>    "Blue Screen!"
>    "FSCK You!" or "FDSK You!"
>    "Sweet William H. Gates!"  (like "Sweet Jesus H. Christ" - never knew  
> what the H was for.. )
>    "In the name of Jobs... ' or  "In the name of Linus... "
>    "Format!"  "Formatting!"
> and of course, the athiests catch all profanity:   "Buttercups!"

This brings to mind the conversation I had with my late grandmother on  
language and custom and the differences between swearing, cursing, and  

MY stately grandmother, who was a teacher, told me the two words she  
thought was the filthiest.
"the f word and (she said sheepishly) poop. Yes literally the word poop.  
And it embarrassed her. She knew it was silly but couldn't help it.

This also brings to mind all those euphemisms used in art to get around  
I remember a discussion in one Asimov's magazines about the game writers  
and editors would play.
The writers would see what they could sneak past the editors.
The phrase "ball bearing mouse trap" was on those things that got through.

Let's not even discuss the phony cussing in fiction(comics/Modern TV SF).

On Tue, 24 Sep 2013 13:39:38 -0400, Chad Smith <chad78 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Not sure how serious you were being here - but the H. doesn't actually  
> stand for anything.

> It stems from the misunderstanding that assumes "Christ" is Jesus' last  
> name.  It is not.  They >didn't have last names in that time and culture.

> Christ is actually a title - like King or Doctor or President or  
> Sergeant.  "Doctor" is not Dr. >Huxtable's first name - it is  
> Heathcliff.   President is not Obama's first name.  Etc.

> Christ means "Anointed one" and is the Greek equivalence of the Hebrew  
> "Messiah".

> Jesus' name is just Jesus.  (Technically, it's Yeshua - or Joshua - it  
> means "YAHWEH [or Jehovah] >is salvation".)  The reason our version of  
> His name is so far off is because it comes from a >transliteration of a  
> translation (A Hebrew name, spelled out in Greek, then tried to letter  
> match >into English by way of Latin, and English changed over the  
> years.  If you remember your Indiana >Jones, there's no J in Latin.  The  
> J came from a fancy way of writing a capital I - I and Y sound >very  
> much alike....).  Soooo... Yeshua because Jesus.

> That all said, I am pretty sure I've seen "Henry" used more often than  
> anything when it the H. is >spelled out.

Actually his name would have been Joshua Ben Mariam( Joshua son of Mary).
O'Conner or Erickson are examples from other cultures

Surnames evolved out your parentage, profession or where your from.
Example: Robin of Loxley was from the the village of Loxley. Or Jesus of  
It gets shorten to Robin Loxley. Like Michael York

Wainwright (Wagon Maker), Cartwright, Cooper (barrel maker), Carpenter are  
just some professions that have become surnames.

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