[Chugalug] Decentralized Services

Mike Harrison cluon at geeklabs.com
Tue Sep 24 01:25:17 UTC 2013

> Stop it Mike, just stop it.  I just had a Blue Wave Flashback (OS/2
> version, thank you very much) trying to remember what I used for NNTP...


It's a convergence of threads in different place.




building "decentralized services"

Which the original internet (1990's) had a lot of.

The thought is a kinda about a small Linux-ish appliance
that could provide a stable secure "darknet" without the internet.
A conversation I had on the street today with a person on this list
had me thinking that it would have been a great conversation to have had 
on a semi-trusted open forum on a darknet. Why? because this person's
future employers, wives, etc.. probably don't need to know about the 
journey of exploration he is on, they need to deal with the result (and 
facade) at the point in his journey that they meet him on.

UUCP, NNTP, BBS-style forums... all make sense in that world that might 
exist on store and forward networks, sneakernets, private meshes and 
occaisional VPNs.

And if an employer has the tech-savvy to join that ecosystem and hunt you 
down: it might be the reason to really want to work for them, or avoid 
them like the plague.

Question:  Where on the internet (now) do you go to have reasonably 
private anonymous conversations with intelligent people about deeply 
personal subjects. Religion, Sex, Politics, Dark tech, etc ?
without fear of public embarrasment, humiliation or arrest?

Once upon a time it was the whole internet, IRC.. then newsgroups.. then 
private non-archived non-web posted mailing lists.. (there are a few still out 
here..), Facebook? Reddit?

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