[Chugalug] NSA Attempted Backdoor Linux

William Wade willm.wade at gmail.com
Fri Sep 20 12:20:25 UTC 2013


"Torvalds was also asked if he had ever been approached by the U.S.
government to insert a backdoor into Linux. Torvalds responded “no” while
[nodding] his head “yes,” as the audience broke into spontaneous laughter."

I assume that if the NSA had to ask Linus, then they realized that it was
impossible to get a backdoor by contributing code. Makes you wonder if the
NSA then turned to bully other commonly installed package maintainers who
would not be able to say no...

Just imagine here a several pages long rant about how awful the NSA, (and
often the CIA, FBI, etc...) can be when they forget that they serve the
people and the protection of liberty.
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