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Dave Brockman dave at brockmans.com
Wed Sep 18 13:42:20 UTC 2013

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On 9/18/2013 8:52 AM, Benjamin Stewart wrote:
> I have no problem streaming Netflix across the house over 802.11G,
> so I would consider N to be more than plenty for "normal" people,
> and an upgrade for me!

Wifi is decent for PTP and a couple of links per radio.  Due to shared
medium access, it kinda sucks at anything beyond that if there is any
real traffic on it.

> I would wait on AC until it doesn't cost such a premium.

+1.  Dual Band N would be the preferred way to go currently.

> Even when I had "only" 30Mbps, I found pretty consistently that my 
> (wired) downloads were limited by the server's upload bandwidth
> rather than my download bandwidth.

If you really want to test your circuit, head on over to "the bay" and
find yourself a 1Gb plus pr0n torrent.  Defcon material also available
via torrent can also be a good test (especially on upload), but you
won't find nearly as many downloaders or seeders just waiting on you
to join the swarm.

> On Tue, Sep 17, 2013 at 11:11 PM, Chad Smith <chad78 at gmail.com 
> <mailto:chad78 at gmail.com>> wrote:
> I know I'm far from the most tech saavy person on this list, but 
> having googled FA311, it looks like that is just an Ethernet port.

It is.  If it's v1, it's a horrible, horrible POS.  If it's a v2, it's
just a cheap POS.

> Maybe I wasn't clear in my question.  What I'm looking for are 
> recommendations for an out-of-the-box wireless (and possibly wired 
> as well, but focus on the wireless) router.
> * Is any off-the-shelf WiFi-N router "good enough" for most
> people?

They are all based on the same SOC cheap hardware.  If you want "good
enough" performance for one or two network nodes, then yes, whatever
cheap POS you can find will suit your needs.  No, it will not keep up
with a 100Mb or 1Gb Internet pipe.  Again, if you want a real network,
you need real equipment.

> * Is 802.11ac worth the huge jump in cost (from $15~$25 for N to 
> $90 - $300 for AC)?

Value is perceived by the person holding the wallet.  For me, nope,
not worth it all.  But I'll take a cable over WiFi any day of the week.

> * Is the average non-geek even going to come close to 100 Mbit/s 
> much less 1 Gbit/s under any plausible circumstances?

Nope, only when they test the needle on EPB's speedtest.

> * Any suggestions I can pass on to these Chattanooga-based EPB
> users?

If you want a real network, you need real equipment.  Out of the box
Consumer "routers" are not real equipment.  They are plug and pray
convenience boxes that focus on ease of installation rather than
performance of the hardware.



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