[Chugalug] Whoa, people actually subscribed to /r/chugalug

John Aldrich jmaldrich at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 18 13:03:32 UTC 2013

Quoting DaWorm <daworm at gmail.com>:

> For the perennially clueless, what is reddit, and why do I need it?  I
> followed one of the earlier links to a reddit page, and what I saw looked
> like a circa 1995 hand coded HTML page that was about as dull as white
> bread.  Between email, facebook, message forums, and the rare foray into
> Google+, do I really need yet another social media outlet?
> Jeff.

I'm pretty sure the corporate firewall won't let me get to Reddit.  
They don't allow us to get to Facebook, so I'm thinking they won't let  
us get to Reddit either.

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